Bear Bike is a Russian company founded by the enthusiasts with the aim to make the bikers have access to affordable and reliable bicycles which will never disappoint their owners. We aim to spread the idea that the bike can combine in itself functionality, quality and stylish appearance which is relevant to the lifestyle of its owner. In other words, mountain bikes are for mountains and street bikes are for urban people!

Our mission is to share our passion to bikes, spreading the idea that the bike is not only a practical means of transport but also the source of bright impressions, and part of a lifestyle. The character of the bike owner is reflected in its appearance. We strive to make our bikes and accessories as affordable as possible without compromising on their quality and specifications. We choose reliable components and technologies, improve relations between the manufacturing process, transportation and distribution removing unnecessary steps in logistics and reducing the price.

We are against unattractive, unreliable and mediocre bicycles which invaded the streets. We want to share the idea that one of the best means of transport in the city is bicycle and it may be attractive and stylish vehicle which gives its owner a lot of positive emotions.

These bikes perfectly blend into the urban environment reflecting the lifestyle of its owner. Now you don’t have to make a choice between quality and appearance, convenience and style. The bicycles are reliable and low-maintenance, fast and light. They may fulfill any task from relaxed riding to aggressive speedy riding. They successfully deal with city streets, sidewalks and natural soil roads in the park.

To produce Bear Bike bicycles we use the same technological decisions and accessories as expensive brands. However we constantly improve logistics making our reliable bicycles more affordable without compromising on quality!